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Head knocker, (recited by Beverly Haines)

Head knocker,  (forehead)

Brow branch, brow branch   (eye brows)

Eye winker, eye winker   (each eye)

Nose blower   (nose)

Cheek cherry, cheek cherry,   (each cheek)

Mouth merry   (mouth)

Chin Chopper   (chin)

and a tickle, tickle, tickle, down there.   (tickle under chin)

Eye Winker #1 (recited by Judy Thum)

Eye winker, Tom Tinker (touch each eye)

Nose smeller (touch nose)

Mouth eater (touch mouth)

Chin chopper (touch chin)

Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble! (tickle under chin)

Knock On The Door (from Paul Williams recited early 1950’s)

Knock on the door,  (knock on forehead)

Peek in,  (lift one eyelid)

Lift the latch, (“lift” end of nose)

Walk in  (pretend to walk into baby’s open mouth)

Eye Winker  #2 (recited by Bob Aaberg, early 1950’s)

Eye winker, Tom Tinker (touch each eye)

Nose dropper (touch nose)

Chin chopper (touch chin)

Bbbbbbbbbb (raspberries)  (tickle tummy)

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Folk Games for Faces are spoken rhythmic chants.