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Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, baker’s man.

                (clap baby’ hands together)

Bake me a cake as fast as you can.

                (clap baby’ hands together)

Roll it, and roll it and mark it with a “B”

    (roll hands around each other, then draw a “B” on baby’s palm)

Then throw it in the oven for baby and me!

                (toss hands high in the air)


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man

            (clap baby’s hands together)
Bake me a cake  as fast as you can

    (roll palms together as if rolling a ball of dough)
Prick it and pat it and mark it with a B

        (“poke” the palm of one hand with the

        gathered finger tips of the other hand)
And put it in the oven for Baby and me

    (palms up, moving forward as if putting in oven)

SO BIG!  (from Judy Thum)

How big is baby? (use baby’s name instead of “baby”)

      (hold baby by the hands, standing on your lap)

Soooooo big!  (stretch arms out wide)


Where is Jonathan? (Cover your face with your eyes)

    (use baby’s name)

Peek-a-boo! (remove hands & smile at baby)


  1. 1.hide baby’s face under a cloth, pull cloth off on “Peek-a-boo!”

  2. “Peek-a-boo!” while pulling shirts on/off over head

  3. 3.hide your own face under a cloth, have baby pull it off on “Peek-a-boo!”


Clap your hands, one, two, three  (clap your baby's hands together)

Play a clapping game with me

Now your hands have gone away

            (hide baby’s hands behind back or under a blanket)

Find your hands so we can play! (pull hands out again)


Up, up, up, little one  (lift baby’s hands above head)

Stretching, stretching, is such fun (bring arms back down)

In and out, let us go  (stretch arms out to sides)

Not too fast and not too slow. (bring them back to center)

Varition: use baby’s name i.e. “Up, up, up, little Aaron”


The great big train goes up the track.

       (train slowly climb the hill, palm begins on back of hand & 

           slowly  travels up arm to shoulder, patting with each word)

It says, “Woooo! Wooooo!  (train whistle sound)

Then it goes back. (train speeds back down by sliding palm

            down arm off back of hand)


Here’s a ball for baby, big and soft and round.

    (hold hands as if holding basket ball)

Here is baby’s hammer, Oh how he can pound!  (pound fist on palm)

Here is baby’s music, clapping, clapping, so. (clap hands)

Here are baby’s soldiers, standing in a row. (hold up 10 fingers)

Here is baby’s trumpet, Toot! Toot! (pretend to play trumpet)

Here’s the way baby plays, Peek-a-boo! (play peek-a-boo)

Here’s a big umbrella to keep the baby dry.

     (make umbrella with palm of one hand balanced on index finger of other

       hand, lift up over head)

Here is baby’s cradle, rock-a-baby-bye. (pretend to rock baby)

Shhhhhh! Put the baby down.

    (whisper last phrase as pretend to place baby in cradle)


I have a little birdie and it lives right here    

                (point to to palm with index finger)

and it hopped, and it hopped, (hop to wrist, then hop to forearm)

and it hopped up here! (hop to elbow, bicep and then to shoulder)

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! 

Here is the Church (from Ray Consuer)

Here is the church, (hold hands back to back, interlace fingers, fold

          over , palms together so fingers are inside and thumbs touching)

Here is the steeple, (pull out index fingers & touch finger tips)

Open the doors and  (separate thumbs)

See all the people! (peek inside, wiggle fingers to show “people”)

Note: Toddlers think this one is “magic”! :o)

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I like to use a small toy train engine to drive up and down baby’s arm.

Toddlers love to use a small feathered bird you can get from a craft store.

... or better yet, a REAL bird!!

Two Little Black Birds #2 (Lisa Campbell)

Two little black birds ( hold up both index fingers)

sitting on a wall. (bounce them up & down)

One named Peter, (reach one forward)

The other named Paul.  (reach the other forward)

Fly away Peter.  (hide one behind back)

Fly away Paul.  (hide the other behind back)

Come back Peter. (bring one back out)

Come back Paul.  (bring the other back out)

Two Little Black Birds

Two little black birds ( hold up both index fingers)

sitting on a hill. (bounce them up & down)

One named Jack, (reach one forward)

One named Jill.  (reach the other forward)

Fly away Jack.  (hide one behind back)

Fly away Jill.  (hide the other behind back)

Come back Jack. (bring one back out)

Come back Jill.  (bring the other back out)

Bunny Rabbits Ears

Bunny Rabbit’s ears go,

Up, down, up, down,

Up, down.

Pretend to make ears by putting your hands along side your head, open & close hands to look like ears floppping.

Jack In The Box, Sit So Still

Jack in the box, sit so still.  (squat down with hands on head)

Won’t you come out?

Yes! I will!  (jump up)

The Airplane

The airplane has great big wings. (spread arms wide)

The propeller spins around and sings. (spin arm in front)

Hmmmmmmmm!  (make engine noise)

The airplane goes up. (“fly” up)

The airplane goes down.  (“fly” down)

The airplane flies over our town. (“fly” around the room)

Here Is The Bee Hive

Here is the bee hive,  (make a fist with thumb inside)

Where are the bees?  (shrug shoulders, questioning look)

Hidden inside where nobody sees. (point to closed fist)

Watch, and you’ll see them  (look at fist)

come out of the hive;

One, two, (pull out thumb, then index finger)

three, four five.  (open remaining fingers)

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  (fly wiggling fingers)