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This game begins by wiggling the big toe, then each smaller toe, ending with the baby toe, which you wiggle and wiggle and wiggle. Often followed by tickling up the leg to the tummy.


Whoops Johnny!  (from Debbie Burton)

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,

Whoops Johnny!

Whoops Johnny!

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.

Variation: Whoops Golly!

        Golly, Golly, Golly, Golly,

        Whoops Golly!

        Whoops Golly!

        Golly, Golly, Gollly.

Hold hand up, palm forward. Begin with the pinky touching tip of each finger. At the pointer finger, touch tip of finger (Johnny) then slide down & off thumb like a ski jump (whoops) and tap tip of thumb (Johnny). Slide back up to pointer (whoops) and tap tip (Johnny), then touch remaining 3 fingertips, ending back on pinky .

This Little Piggy

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy had roast beef.

This little piggy had none.

And this little piggy went,

“Weeee, Weeee, Weeee, Weeee,”

All the way home!

Tickle is the Tall One    (from Robert J. Aaberg (1931) who learned it         

                                              from Robert R. (1915) & Dorthea (1904) Aaberg)

Tickle is the tall one, The Captain of the crew

Wiggy walks beside him, all day through,

Then comes Tilly,

Then comes Willy.

And then comes Weenie-woo,

and all day long they sail away

inside of Dougie’s shoe. (insert baby’s name )

Wiggle each toe in succession.  On last line, hold foot in  your hands and “sail” back and forth.

Folk Games for Finger & Toes are spoken rhythmic chants.

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